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Tackle guarding roster gaps this summer with emergency and temporary cover

The summer holiday period is in full swing. With guards taking annual leave and industry staff shortages ongoing, guarding rosters are inevitably coming under strain, causing headaches for anyone in charge of making sure shifts are fully covered.

Having a trusted, reliable guarding provider who can step in at short notice is vital. Knowing you have support to hand when security can’t wait is a huge relief, but it’s important you feel empowered to get the cover you need when you need it.

Take control and manage services at the click of a button

Holidays get booked. People call in sick. Security requirements change. As soon as you know you have a gap in your roster, or need extra support, book a guard on our platform without picking up the phone. Specify the exact details of what you need, from uniforms to tasks to be carried out on the job and more.

By the very nature of security, flexibility is key, so you can always jump back into the platform to rebook, amend or even cancel shifts for an all-in-one solution for guarding shift management.

The platform to book jobs is seamless and simple to use. It’s been a massive asset in our security operation.

Derrick Gough, Head of Loss Prevention, CeX

Book services on any device
Booking guarding jobs couldn’t be simpler

Get updates and full visibility every step of the way

We understand how important it is to know exactly who is protecting your premises and feel confident that everything is going to plan.

Regular updates at the right time will bring the reassurance and peace of mind you need to be getting on with other things.

1. Booking confirmation and officer details

Within 60 minutes of making a shift request, the most suitable local partner to you is found and allocated. You’ll then receive confirmation that we’ve secured the cover you need. 

To increase your confidence in the quality and qualifications of the guard doing the job, you’ll receive visibility of the officer’s full name, photo and SIA details, so you know exactly who will turn up at your site. 

2. Guard location tracking

Before their shift starts, we send guards regular shift reminders to make sure they turn up on time. Once they arrive, they book on and out within the geo-fenced site boundaries for that job.

If the officer starts or ends a job outside the geo-fence they receive a warning notification via our app, which is key for compliance, prevents false book-ons and gives reassurance that expectations are being met.  

An app notification warns the guard if they book out outside a job’s boundaries
3. Instant job reports

As soon as a shift finishes, you get a full, comprehensive job report, so you know who’s been on site, how the job was conducted and whether the guard encountered any issues.

This transparency is key for accountability, and gives you the peace of mind you need that your job has been carried out as you expected it to and to your expected standards. If you need them, you can access historic reports at any time in the platform.

The Keyholding Company have provided expert last-minute guarding services for our centres and shops, as far south as the Isle of Wight and as far north as Arbroath, and they have never let us down.

Andy Miller, National Maintenance Manager, Cats Protection

Access a dedicated guarding team and nationwide network

TKC staff
Guarding Director Sean Hargreaves

It’s a relief to know that wherever you are based in the UK, you won’t struggle to find quality guarding support. Our network of 200 highly accredited local security companies covers 99.8% of the UK’s postcodes and provides access to a ‘subs bench’ of over 11,000 SIA-licensed officers.  

With greater reach than any other supplier in the UK, we are ideally placed to respond to last-minute requests, as we have such a large – and reliable – pool of talent at our fingertips. 

Our dedicated team of guarding experts, led by Guarding Director Sean Hargreaves, is the essential human connection between our clients, our network and technology, ensuring a seamless process and exceptional customer service. 

Locations of guarding shifts 2022-23
Nationwide coverage – guarding shift locations in the last 12 months

Collaborating closely with our Quality Assurance team, they continually analyse partner performance, swiftly identifying and addressing any issues and replacing underperformers to optimise service delivery. They also ensure that our partners hold the correct accreditations, as we pride ourselves – and our supply chain – on maintaining the highest of standards.

An example of the strength of our service is our partnership with Next. As one of their preferred emergency and temporary guarding suppliers, we are on hand to cover vacancies and help during busy periods like summer, or Christmas when we provide flexible cover for over 60 nationwide locations. This is thanks to the wide reach of our network and the ability to fulfil nearly 100% of shifts that come our way (the exact figure is 99.37%!).

Need help filling roster gaps this summer?

You should always have a trusted emergency and temporary guarding supplier on standby, ready to help at short notice. 

Find out how our combination of award-winning technology and human expertise can help – get in touch with the guarding team today.  

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Need help with annual leave cover for guarding shifts?
Need help with annual leave cover for guarding shifts?

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