The Keyholding Company
Many of the UK’s most respected brands, as well as government departments, public agencies, schools and hospitals trust us to attend their premises fast at the smallest sign of alarm.

Here’s how we can help your organisation stay safe:

Professional response

Alarms tend to go off at night. Sending a staff member to respond not only puts them at risk but can also cost your bottom line in time taken off in lieu. Our fully accredited pro responders lead the industry in their response times.

Response for businesses

Cut costs

More and more organisations are replacing static guards with mobile patrols, and enjoying the savings it brings. We can help you make the switch.

Mobile patrols

Protect your people

Opening up and closing down are the most vulnerable times for premises and can put huge pressure on staff. We can make sure they’re done securely, with no risk to your team.

Locks and unlocks

Consistent, reliable guarding support

Whether it’s annual leave, sickness or vacancy cover, we remove the stress of sourcing emergency and temporary guards by providing support at short notice.​

Emergency and temporary guarding

Reduce vandalism and break-in

Squatters, littering and vandals are bad news for empty buildings. We can help secure your property and regularly patrol it to make sure everything is as it should be.

Vacant property checks

Convenient and secure access

Contractors, deliveries and janitorial staff all need access and sometimes supervision. Our officers are on-call to meet visitors, grant access, oversee their activity and close up the property at your request.

Third party access

Our clients

Case studies

WorkSpace Group

WorkSpace Group wanted to improve on their security model which relied on teams of mobile guards, static guards and alarms across their estate of 85 properties in London.
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