The Keyholding Company

Regular checks help simplify the management of your estate.

Regular patrols alert you to any maintenance issues and deter vandals, squatters, fly-tippers and thieves, ensuring the value of your property doesn’t drop whilst it’s unused.
 Our vacant property services keep you up to date on your estate and your insurance company sweet.

Vacant property services

Custom site surveys

Our team will conduct a detailed site survey where we ask what you need to manage your building and explain how we can deliver it. Whether you require meter readings, water damage checks, photo reports or more, we can help.

Accredited officers

Uniformed, SIA-licensed officers provide increased visibility to deter criminals. Each officer is trained to check for security risks whilst addressing whatever facilities management tasks your vacant property check requires.

Our accreditations

Easy management

Book vacant property services from across your portfolio without picking up the phone or sending an email.

Detailed reporting

Instantly access job reports through our Smart Security Platform, providing job details and all the information you need to manage your property.

Smart Security Platform Demo

Regular checks

Our trained and trusted officers conduct regular scheduled patrols to make sure your property remains safe and maintained, handling any urgent requests as required. 


Scale and manage your vacant property checks through the Smart Security Platformensuring your security provision works for you.

Nationwide vacant property security

From John O’Groats to central London, our vacant property security services can deliver what you need. Our network model means we can deliver nationwide services under one roof, simplifying your estate management and uniting your reports and data into one place.

Vacant property services tailored to you

Everyone has different requirements, so we provide completely bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you want to check for security threats or need some facilities management tasks done too, we are on hand to keep your vacant property safe and secure.

The Keyholding Company keeps our property managers up to speed on any activity on our sites. They are a professional team we can rely on.

Jim Jamieson, Head of Security, YBS