The Keyholding Company
As the name suggests, keyholding and alarm response work is at the core of what we do, which is why we do it better than rivals who offer it as part of a much larger suite of services. Don’t just take it from us: the ACS put us in the top 5% of security companies for quality of service and regulatory compliance.

Why us? We do things differently.

The network model

Our officers are fastest to the scene when an alarm sounds, and they bring real, local knowledge to help put things right. That’s because they’re part of a nationwide network of handpicked, accredited partners who share our can-do attitude and can deliver the final mile of our services, while we manage your needs and direct operations centrally

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We’re the specialists

Doing alarm response to the same high standard in every part of the UK isn’t easy. Which is why no other company specialises in response work the way we do, at the scale we do. Our network model means we’re able to deliver this specialised service more effectively than any other provider in the UK.

Opening doors with technology and data

We’ve built a custom operational platform that facilitates outstanding service and improves client communication. Our app directs partners through service delivery, ensuring we do the job right and collect the data we need for tracking and reporting.

Every property is someone’s castle

Every homeowner we help, and every business, finds the pride they take in their property reciprocated. Our network partners are often proud owner-operators who treat every property with respect and understand the importance of client communication.

United by strong values

A common ethos binds our community together, shaped by strong, clear values. It’s the bedrock of a culture that encourages us to always be at our best, and rewards the behaviours that deliver the best results for our clients.

Our community

Setting the bar on standards

The Keyholding Company and all our partners are regulated by the SIA. We are a member of Pacesetters, an elite security group run by the ACS. We hold the NSI Gold standard. We are a member of the Safe Contractor scheme and take part in their EXOR programme. We take regulations seriously.

Our standards

Our climate change commitment

We went carbon neutral in 2020 and are in the process of making our London fleet fully-electric to reduce our biggest carbon contributor. We’ve embarked on an ongoing carbon monitoring and sustainability programme to help us make more significant reductions in our emissions.

Going carbon neutral