The Keyholding Company

Our mission is to propel the security industry towards a greener future.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet and leading by example throughout our supply chain. By taking an inside-out approach, we strive to hit our own environmental goals then encourage partners and clients to join us and prioritise good sustainability practices.

Our projects and initiatives

Our net zero commitment

We became carbon neutral in 2020, offsetting our emissions and those of our service partner network. Now we need to reduce the total carbon generated which is why we have committed to reaching net zero by 2025.

Launching our electric vehicle fleet

We are developing an all-electric vehicle (EV) fleet for our London Operations team to drive more sustainable, efficient services. We are also helping our community with their own EV fleets to reach their environmental goals.

Driving operational efficiency

Our data-driven approach to mobile security minimises officer travel, reducing our environmental footprint. We also support clients in achieving sustainability goals by providing emissions calculations on every job report.

If you share our values and want an environmentally conscious security provider, get in touch today.

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Our community

We are on a mission to make The Keyholding Company a place for everyone, from our employees to our network of partners and clients. Learn more about our values and how we are developing a community we are proud of.
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Our standards

We strive to set the bar high for ourselves and our network of partners. We are regulated by Security Industry Authority (SIA) as a government Approved Contractor under the ACS scheme and hold many other security accreditations which prove the quality of our services.
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