The Keyholding Company

Just the facts

37% improvement on alarm response rates across their estate.

20,268 patrols completed in the last year by a dedicated patrol team.

100% coverage on every shift.

The requirement

WorkSpace Group wanted to improve on their security model which relied on teams of mobile guards, static guards and alarms across their estate of 85 properties in London. They required a flexible and more mobile security team out-of-hours, who could be rapidly deployed to areas of particular need, in response to information from their CCTV network. Importantly, that team had to be a reliable and consistent resource, a dedicated resource staffed at 100% at all times.

The Keyholding Company was already a trusted provider, based on our reliable response to alarm activations, and we were already working in partnership with the CCTV monitoring centre they were using.

The solution

We proposed a dedicated patrol team for WorkSpace Group, recruited, managed and run by The Keyholding Company – London.

Their large and dispersed estate required a new approach to patrolling. In partnership with their Head of Security, Darren Baker, we developed a cluster model which groups the estate into 4 patrol areas. This grouping allows the dedicated team to be onsite fast when alarm activations occur.

We collaborate closely with their CCTV provider to redirect the patrol team to a property where greater focus is needed, based on intelligence gathered at the monitoring centre.

The team is bike-mounted to help them move around the city quickly and their carefully-designed uniform and bike livery are a visible endorsement of the WorkSpace brand and their commitment to the security of their estate.

The results

WorkSpace Group now have a reliable and fully mobile security team, which can be intelligently deployed to areas of need.

The team was put to the test during a recent spate of break-ins which seemed to target our estate. The trained patrol team was rapidly on site and able to liaise with the Police. Their witness statements and the CCTV footage even led to the conviction of two perpetrators. These patrol officers guarded the premises until it could be secured.

Darren Baker, Head of Security, Workspace Group

This flexibility of resource also presents cost savings for WorkSpace. Patrols routes can be tailored on a shift-by- shift basis to incorporate other jobs such as granting access to contractors, a job which, previously, would have required extra resource to deliver.