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4 ways data can transform the way mobile security and FM services are managed

Data is moving to the forefront of everything we do, and security is no different. Being able to gather, surface and analyse data is becoming essential for effective mobile security management. Whilst COVID-19 has accelerated the need for a smarter way of working, the advantages that data provide are sure to bring benefits long after the pandemic is under control, which is what makes investing in data-led solutions so important.

As the UK’s leading tech-enabled mobile security services company and having worked with 80% of the UK’s top FM organisations, we believe the answer is to work smarter rather than harder. We consolidate security data into a single location – our Smart Security Platform – a job booking and data analysis interface which allows users to book, track, monitor and manage their mobile security services in one place, as well as access data to get a complete picture of what’s happening on their estate in real-time.

Data isn’t being leveraged to its full potential

Security isn’t new to the use of data; the problem is that this data is disconnected. The information is housed in different documents and reports, making it harder to identify patterns, draw conclusions and act.

On top of this, most of the data provided in traditional reports is superficial.

Mobile security reports typically include basic statistics which allow you to track top-line KPIs but lack detail. Actionable data like alarm activations across times of day is essential for proactively identifying issues (e.g. behavioral) so they can be addressed rapidly, reducing both risk and costs.

Charlie Gordon Lennox, CEO, The Keyholding Company

Many security teams simply don’t have access to or can’t feasibly collate the data they need to make impactful decisions.

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The advantages of data in mobile security management

Custom-built for our clients, the Smart Security Platform places security teams in the driver’s seat, enabling them to schedule and book mobile security services as required, as well as surface and analyse data from across their estate.

Improving efficiency

A centralised data and job booking platform boosts efficiency and productivity by streamlining processes and reducing admin time.  With an entire estate’s reports, scheduled jobs, ad hoc requests and security data in one place, there is no need for security managers to pick up the phone or send emails to get things done. Everything can be organised online at any time, from anywhere.

Proactively managing risk

By uniting security data into a single location, security teams can get a snapshot of their estate’s entire security provision in real-time, instead of being forced to cross-reference monthly reports using old data. With alarm response, patrol, third party access data and more in one place, it’s easy to see where security risks are arising and address them before an incident occurs.

Security isn’t new to the use of data; the problem is that this data is disconnected. The information is housed in different documents and reports, making it harder to identify patterns, draw conclusions and act.

Obtaining key metrics in real-time

Instead of providing spreadsheets and monthly reports, The Smart Security Platform places key security metrics at the user’s fingertips, providing instantly actionable and completely transparent data that doesn’t need to be filtered or cleaned. The result is a dashboard of essential information that updates in real-time and can be accessed from anywhere.

Innovating on current methods

As businesses become more tech-driven, security teams are being asked to innovate on traditional techniques and implement smarter processes. Data-led solutions are the perfect answer to this growing demand for new and more efficient ways of working, as data provides clear and tangible benefits when compared to traditional alternatives.

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Smart Security Platform

The Smart Security Platform

Our platform unifies mobile security service data into a single location, making it easy to track core KPIs, improve efficiency and identify problem areas by giving users a completely transparent picture of their portfolio. Alongside the flexibility of our network model, which allows users to manage a nationwide estate through a single point of contact, the Smart Security Platform has enabled us to work with market-leading brands like Next, Workspace, BT and many more.

Thanks to the The Keyholding Company, we now have a more rigorous, data-driven process for understanding how to prevent false alarms, propelling Next Plc’s security measures into the future.

Adrian Sherry, Head of Security Solutions, Next Plc

For more information on the Smart Security Platform and how it could work for you, get in touch with our team today.