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The Keyholding Company integrates with what3words for quicker response and pinpoint location accuracy

The Keyholding Company has integrated with leading location technology what3words to make it easier than ever for clients to provide pinpoint location accuracy for a property or entrance.

As a tech-led business, we’re always looking for innovative solutions to improve the quality of our service and enhance the connection between our clients and network. With what3words our officers will be able to carry out their services faster and more smoothly, providing an even better experience for our clients.

Why what3words?

What3words is a game-changer in providing unrivalled location accuracy. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s pretty genius.

Every 3m square in the world has been given a unique 3-word address (let that sink in), with words randomly assigned to that location and guaranteed to stay the same. Our head office location in London is rests.bets.asleeptake a look!

They Keyholding Company what3words

We look after 35,000 properties, from castles to banks, palaces to factories. As you can imagine, entrance locations can vary widely. With large properties, it can be challenging to find entrances, and traditional postcodes are not always 100% accurate. Time is of the essence when attending callouts such as alarm activations, and any delay in finding the property or entrance can result in increased response times (which nobody wants).

With what3words, clients can now provide an even more precise location for every property in our care, eliminating any confusion for the attending officer and providing peace of mind that it will be located without a hitch. We’re in good company, too – organisations such as DHL, TfL and Crosstown Doughnuts (trust us, they’re amazing) all use what3words as an innovative way to pinpoint locations for their customers.

This integration demonstrates how committed we are to making improvements through innovation. We’re really excited to see it in action.

Jonny Sharp, Senior Product Manager, The Keyholding Company

How does it work?

The integration with what3words flows in both directions, making the process as simple as possible for clients who already use what3words and those who don’t.

Clients who already use what3words (or know their what3words address) can simply set their property or entrance location using their existing 3-word value.

For clients new to what3words, it couldn’t be easier. When creating a new property, it will automatically get a 3-word value that communicates its precise location. This will then be used by any attending officer, ensuring they find it as quickly as possible.

They Keyholding Company what3words
Adding a what3words location couldn’t be easier

DeterTech are a company who specialise in portable intruder detection (PID) devices, providing temporary security solutions for construction sites, void properties and more. We deliver nationwide response when those devices trigger, and as many of them are placed in development sites or fields (i.e. locations that have no commercial postcode) they can be tricky to find.  

The need for greater location accuracy of DeterTech’s PIDs set in motion the integration of what3words onto our platform. It means their clients can pinpoint the exact location of the devices, so our officers can quickly and smoothly identify the alarm, avoiding unnecessary delays and giving the clients peace of mind.  

The implementation of what3words to the platform makes the updating of our locations quicker and easier. It also gives us greater peace of mind knowing that there can be no misinterpretation of location information, and that The Keyholding Company and partners will attend the correct location first time, every time.

Tamzin Stobbs, Monitoring Team & Incident Manager, DeterTech

DeterTech PID
Image: DeterTech – A DeterTech PID

So, what’s next?

Location, location, location. Knowing where your Friday night takeaway is, or if that taxi is on its way is no longer a nice to have for customers, it’s a must-have.

We’re developing a live tracking feature for our clients to see the real-time location of an attending officer on a map within our platform. Similar to Uber and Deliveroo, we’re hoping to provide even more peace of mind that everything is running smoothly. Stay tuned for more news on this soon.

For more detail on how to use what3words on our platform read our full support article here.

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Interested in finding out more?

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