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Swedish Tech company Minut integrate with The Keyholding Company to provide nationwide response to noise complaints

Minut have integrated with The Keyholding Company (TKC) to provide nationwide response for their newly launched Minut Response Service (now called Minut Guard Assist). 

Aimed at the short-term rental market, Minut offer products and services that help guests, hosts and neighbours get along. Through tracking and monitoring noise, occupancy, motion and temperature, they give property owners peace of mind that their home is being looked after, whilst making sure neighbours are kept happy too.  

Currently only available in the UK, Minut’s Guard Assist is a new feature that goes one step further for its customers. If, for example, guests decide to hold a party and things get too noisy, the hosts have the option to send certified security responders to check in at their property, remind guests to keep it down and escalate the issue if required. 

Due to their extensive experience in delivering tech-enabled nationwide response, TKC have been selected as the exclusive partner to provide that check in. By building on top of TKC’s extensive set of APIs, Minut can automate the entire customer journey, from mobilisation through to job dispatch and completion, completely white-labelled within their application.

This is how it works: 

  1. When the Minut sensor detects noise over a predetermined time threshold, it contacts the property owner and guest to notify them that things are getting too loud.  

  2. If it’s still noisy after 10 minutes, both the owner and the guest are contacted again.  

  3. If the noise persists, the owner can send one of TKC’s trained responders to the property to resolve the issue on-site and receive a comprehensive follow up report. 

This partnership demonstrates The Keyholding Company’s ability to flex and adapt their services and technology to consumer-facing businesses.

Launching this response service to the latest in-home detection technology has been exciting. It’s allowed us to demonstrate the power of advanced automation of our services.

Chris Russell, Digital Director, TKC

Data from an initial pilot period demonstrated that as soon as the response officer left the property, noise levels reduced significantly, proving the effectiveness of their visit. These positive results gave Minut the confidence to roll out the service nationwide.   

Partnering with The Keyholding Company means we can provide hosts and property managers with a simple and efficient way to resolve noise issues, allowing them to continue being good neighbours. We were instantly impressed with The Keyholding Company’s tech-first ethos. Their extensive security accreditations combined with years of experience means we know our customers are in safe hands.

Nils Mattison, CEO & Co-founder, Minut

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To learn more about Minut Guard Assist, visit their website.

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