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Mastering mobile security: why outsourcing is the key to success

In my time at The Keyholding Company, I have helped many security companies, large and small, outsource their mobile operations. Let me share what I have learnt about navigating this transition to help your company deliver profitable, best-in-class, nationwide mobile services. 

But first, let’s be clear on why outsourcing your mobile work to a single, specialist outsourcing supplier is a good idea. 

The headlines

  • Cost-saving: It eliminates the need for investment in new expensive equipment, software, staff and increased infrastructure. 
  • Better coverage and scalability: Imagine not having to turn down work just because the client is in a hard-to-reach location. Service more clients wherever they are and scale depending on their needs. 
  • Access cutting edge tech: Benefit from technology that’s been custom built for mobile security (not a guarding workaround) and offer clients access to tools and platforms that enable them to track performance with total transparency.
  • Focus on core competencies: Get more time to focus on what you do best, with the peace of mind that mobile security is in safe hands.
  • Tangible data: By putting your mobile services into a single technology ecosystem, you can gain immediate accessibility to your live portfolio and all the services and performance at the touch of a button.
  • One invoice: Quickly establish the cost of running a mobile division that is fixed and manageable. Not one based on headcount, holiday provisions, fluctuating fuel costs and vehicle repairs and maintenance. 
security officer on bike
Trust is paramount when choosing an outsourcing partner

Top tips on making the switch

Don’t get distracted

If you look to manage a supply chain of mobile providers directly, you may well get a slightly lower rate than if you outsourced the services. But, you’ll also inherit all the administrative pain that goes with managing them. They’ll each have their own operational quirks, while compiling reporting and invoicing which look consistent for your clients will be incredibly complicated. 

Ensuring consistent quality and approach across many suppliers is a specialist skill. The Keyholding Company has invested millions of pounds creating technology that does exactly this, allowing you to focus elsewhere.  

Only work with a single supplier

I understand the feeling – when you have self-delivered for so long, how can you trust that you will have the same level of control over your supply chain? 

Through transparency.  

If you choose the right partner, you will have more direct information about delivery and performance than you ever had before (think data use, trusted SIA partners, one app, and all control measures in place). This information will give you complete visibility and enable you to have robust management conversations with your account manager.  

That’s why it’s key to select one trusted provider, to eliminate doubt and provide the transparency you need. 

Get clarity on the numbers

Find a partner who can simplify complexity – provide a simple pricing matrix framework for all services and avoid regional or varied pricing. Your customers will get clarity and your costs will be transparent and predictable.

Bake in KPIs which reflect what your company is about

Set reasonable expectations around communications, account management, innovation and reporting. Make sure your values are aligned with your partner’s ethos and output.

The Keyholding Company - Officer standing outside
Finding the right outsourcing partner is critical

How to select the right partner

This is the most important point. But how do you make the right choice? Here are a few questions you need to ask: 

What is their coverage like?

When your partner says “nationwide coverage” what do they actually mean? Are they going to enable you to offer true nationwide coverage to your clients? What caveats do they put on that claim? How do they ensure that they are open on the outsourcing they use and how do they control this? 

Our nationwide network of service partners is the largest of its kind in the UK, covering 99.8% of the UK’s postcodes. With five times the number of operating bases compared to traditional providers, we can get to sites quicker, from shorter distances, more accurately and if there is a performance issue we can’t resolve, we switch out suppliers for others operating nearby.  

Traditional Network model - ~45 bases
Traditional network – ~45 bases
The Keyholding Company Network model - ~200 bases
The Keyholding Company network – ~200 bases

You must evaluate the strength and reliability of a potential partner’s network. By partnering with a trusted company that has an established network of operators, you’ll get greater control over the supply chain. This is particularly important given the significant number of accounts that require extensive management. Smaller operators or managing the supply chain directly may not give you the same level of control that a strong outsourcing partner can provide. 

How do they manage their suppliers?

Are they using a software platform to track compliance and accreditations? Do they have a personal relationship with the suppliers and how do they manage performance? Do they ensure officers are trained and paid well?  

Find a partner rather than a supplier

Will they support with new tenders and proposals? Would they be willing to present alongside you in a tender which demanded in-depth mobile expertise and innovation

The answer to these questions will determine whether their supply chain is managed in line with your company’s values. Look for methodology and approach in the answers.  

What technology do they provide, and will it benefit your clients (and make you look good)?

A partner with an integrated technology platform is essential for you and your clients.

It should provide you with the tools and resources needed to manage and monitor mobile services delivery, and your clients with access to real-time data, up-to-date reporting, extensive analytics, and a centralised system for managing all their security requirements. Giving clients control eliminates your need to produce service reports for multiple clients, saving time and effort.

Another key aspect is platform reliability. Downtime should be next to nothing (our platform uptime was 100% in 2022), and clients should be able to access information 24/7. Our integrated technology platform, alongside our officers’ workflow app, provides an unparalleled level of transparency.

Your clients get peace of mind that their solutions are high-quality, and the knowledge that they can rely on a single system of management that is always available.

The Keyholding Company - Platform
The Keyholding Company’s platform

What next?

As the security industry continues to evolve and new threats emerge, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge. It’s normal to be daunted by this challenge or feel apprehensive about outsourcing mobile security work. However, if done correctly it can be an extremely effective opportunity for growth. 

We pride ourselves on our level of service and we maintain several accreditations which demonstrably prove these high standards. We’re accredited by the NSI to Gold Standard and are regulated by the SIA as a government Approved Contractor

Interested in making the switch?
Interested in making the switch?

If you’re looking for a partner for your outsourced mobile work and want to find out more, please get in touch. Contact me on 07849 570679 or email me.

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