The Keyholding Company

As the nationwide lockdown continues, and the threat of opportunist crime increases, business owners and security managers are faced with a variety of security challenges. 

Who will attend alarm activations with staff on furlough? How can you protect buildings against intrusion and vandalism? How can you detect maintenance issues which need to be addressed quickly? How can you avoid legionella build up? How do you meet your insurance requirements while the building is empty? We can help.

Alarm Response

We hold your keys and licensed officers, with key worker status, are on call 24/7 to attend your alarm. They reset the alarm and report back or escalate to the emergency services on your behalf.

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Vacant Property Checks

A regular internal check to detect signs of intrusion, vandalism and any maintenance issues. We run the water system to reduce legionella build up and send you a full report with photos.

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Mobile Patrols

We can do 1, 2 or 4 patrols over 24 hours to create a cost effective visual deterrent to would-be intruders. We can detect signs of break in and other issues which might need to be quickly addressed to protect the building.

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Short-term Guarding

If constant presence is a necessity, we can provide guards from our network of Service Partners at short notice. Guarding jobs are booked and managed via an online account where you can see the status of each job, as well an invoices.

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Mobilising processes, people and technology to tackle COVID-19

‘Unprecedented’ is a word continuously used to describe COVID-19 and its impact on all areas of our society. And for good reason. In recent times, we’ve never experienced this level of disruption, not only to our personal lives, but also to the businesses we work for, and in some cases own.

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