The Keyholding Company
What do you like most about working at the Keyholding Company?

Firstly, I like is the work environment. From the operations management to the key wardens they are friendly, easy going people who are very easy to deal with. Secondly, the challenges I face on every single job. I have to use my experience and intelligence to confront brand new properties and situations every day.

What sort of person does well at The Keyholding Company?

Any person, from any background just as long as you work hard and care about doing a good job. You will be rewarded for that.

What training have you had?

When I started here I was trained on alarm panels, how to conduct internal and external patrols and how to deal with clients when necessary. I also received SIA training and I got my license.

How does The Keyholding Company track your performance?

Jobs are assigned to us via the App. It gives me the info I need to conduct the job. I enter information as required and that is used to track the job and how it was undertaken. There is always a manager to guide us when needed.

Describe your typical day

My days consist of doing locks and unlocks usually at shops around London. I will be sent to do patrols of buildings – inside and out and I am on call to respond quickly to alarm activations.

What is your favourite story about your time in Operations?

A colleague was new to the company and was assigned a job to give site access to “All Emergency Services”. He left expecting to confront a dramatic incident which involved all 3 emergency services. Instead he was greeted calmly by a single client. The company’s name was “All Emergency Services”.

How do you manage the 4 days on, 4 days off shift pattern?

It suits my life style very well. It could not be better.

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