The Keyholding Company

The UK keyholding market

With five times the number of operating bases compared to traditional providers, we offer incomparable proximity to site and exceptional response times. 

Example of traditional self-delivery model

Circa 45 bases

The Keyholding Company network model

Circa 200 bases

The benefits of our model

Faster response times

The extent of our operating bases means that we can get to you quicker than any other provider.

Local expertise

All officers are trained to identify break-ins and how best to react. Sometimes local knowledge, experience and relationships can make the difference.

Pride in our work

Local operators are often self-employed and are more committed to delivering great results for our clients.

Do you have what it takes?

Our network is made up of the most highly-accredited and top performing security companies in the UK. 
Our partners all share our passion for service excellence. 

To be an approved Service Partner you will have to provide up-to-date certification and prove you can consistently meet our exacting standards.

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